Since our opening in 1975, Country’s has done everything the hard way; some things owe meant to do that way, some we didn’t. Preparing our food is one thing we always meant to do the hard way…no shortcuts.

Our barbecue is cooked fresh at each location over hickory and oak. Our Brunswick stew takes two days to make from scratch. In fact, almost everything is made right here, even our pies. We squeeze fresh lemons for the lemon pie and lemonade. Our French fries are fresh cut in the restaurant and our salads are cut fresh with no preservatives added. We use top quality pork, all federally inspected. Our hamburger steaks are made from 100% Black Angus.

We have a number of health conscious items such as our many vegetables, barbecue chicken, eye of round beef, grilled chicken fingers, smoked turkey, low fat and no fat dressings. We fry in 100% peanut oil and even skin our chicken before it’s fried (except the wings…ever try to skin on of those?). We will always try our hardest to make Country’s a great place for you to dine. If you have any suggestions or comments, I want’ em. Email Jim HERE.