The guy in the middle is me-Jim Morpeth. I founded Country’s Barbecue in 1975 at our location on Mercury Dr. I spent my early years working in many different areas but spent most of that time as a computer programmer and systems analyst-all the while dreaming of starting my own business one day. Country’s has been the answer to that dream and has been made possible by all the incredible folks working with us. When I’m not working on new recipe ideas or making crazy commercials I enjoy sailing, kayaking, cooking at home and most of all being with my family. Over the years the other two guys you see became my partners and Country’s just wouldn’t be Country’s without them.

The guy to the left is my son, Grif, whose been in the business since he was 12. If you can’t get along with Grif you can’t get along with anyone. Grif is great with people, great with food, great with computers and an incredible sailor (wonder where he gets all those genes)? He has a degree in computer information management but fortunately uses his skills to make Country’s great. A lot of his spare time is spent with his young kids and wife.

The other guy you see started with Country’s right after we opened. He was just a young teenager looking for part time work and we had lots of dishes that needed washing. Over the years Scott Ressmeyer has become one of the owners  of Country’s and a great friend. There’s nothing he can’t or hasn’t done for Country’s, but he’s truly famous for what he does for the community. He’s the driving force behind The Midnight Express, The Reindeer Run, and Scott’s Ride for Miracles and is involved in countless other races and community services.

country's barbeque

I guess the point is-a business is it’s culture-and the three of us, along with a lot of hard working, big hearted individuals, do what we can to make Country’s Barbecue a really great place to eat and an involved corporate citizen.