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There are a lot of folks that give of their time asking for nothing in return. I've encountered quite a few over the last 18 years as my twins have grown and matured. There have been countless great teachers, mentors and volunteers. One of the best and most unselfish I've seen is pictured above — Steve Phillips.

Steve's son Kyle played soccer throughout most of his young years. He was an outstanding player for CHS but has graduated and attends the University of Alabama. Now, you can understand Steve coaching various teams his son played with — lots of great Dads do that (although yours truly has never had the ability). But here's the thing, like I said his son is now in college and yet there Steve is above — coaching.

He took a group of under 19 guys and provided a fall soccer home for them. Not only did he provide a home but coached them to first place in their division and to first place in the Kohl Cup in Atlanta this past weekend 11/11/12. I've seen lots of coaches over the years, ones with great technical skills and dedication. However, I can tell you the ones with skill and heart are rare indeed. It takes a great coach to pull together a bunch of teen rebels, develop team spirit, win games and still have FUN.

Thanks Steve for being that volunteer coach, for giving of your time when you didn't even have “a dog in the fight” and for being a positive influence on our kids with Columbus United Soccer Team. We are indebted to you.


Jim and Cash


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