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Well it’s comin on summer and that means fresh veggies along with the barbecue at Country’s. There are those folks that will say they have fresh when it’s really frozen or maybe it was locally frozen — we don’t do that.

Every summer we buy fresh peas that come from farmers in Georgia and all over the South. They come into Marvin’s Market where they are shelled and delivered to our door.

In addition to that we buy fresh Silver Queen Corn for our most popular item — creamed corn. We tried shucking it ourselves but it flat wore us out so we get it shucked and then we hand cut each cob to remove the kernels and milk. Then we cream it in batches of about 25 servings each. We do have to charge a little extra for the corn when we serve it.  I have trouble believing this but we are currently cutting the corn off about 4000 ears of corn per week — dang we have great folks working with us!  We do it all with that little wooden thing you see in the picture — would not believe it if I didn’t see it everyday.

Fried eight ball squash is another popular item and this year so far it’s as local as you can get — Scott Ressmeyer is growing it for us on Old River Rd. if you ain’t had eight ball you should give it a try — tastes like really good zucchini (which it is).

When we can, we buy additional green beans, rattlesnake beans, cucumbers, squash, eggplant and other veggies from local farmers.

We’ve had Country’s for over 37 years so you might think I’d be bored but not in the spring and summer. I get totally excited about the fresh vegetables. Today I had creamed corn, cucumber salad, fresh peas and fried green tomato for lunch at Country’s North and it was mighty fine! I love Southern Cooking and hope you do too — scuse me, gotta go get another glass of sweet tea y’all.

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