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SWEET TATER — that’s a word heard lots around Country’s Barbecue.  They’re dang near as popular as barbecue and some of the time just as big as a Boston butt.  Folks always want to know where we get’em and how we fix’em.  Well as you can see most of the time they come from Mississippi — occasionally Alabama.  Marvin at Marvin’s Market keeps us supplied with big ole sweet taters.

How we fix’em is simple.  We rub them with oil and bake at 350° till soft.  After that it’s up to you.  Slather with butter, cinnamon and brown sugar or just eat’em — your choice.  I use to have a real fit and healthy guy that would come in and eat them whole — skin and all.  Then of course if you come in on Friday we peel the taters,  boil them and make sweet potato soufflé.  Personally I like mine with butter and with sliced barbecue pork.  Sometimes my wife has me bring her just a potato for supper — it’s enough if you’re so inclined.

We go to a pretty good bit of trouble to get local good stuff for y’all — ain’t nothing Chinese about our taters.   I hope you enjoy them.  We always try real hard to please you.

e vivi la vita



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  • Deanna - April 16, 2012 at 5:39 pm -

    Hey Jim – Is these anyway I could talk you into sharing your recipe for the Sweet Potato Souffle? I’d like to make some for my mom because we live too far from your restaurant to come in and get some of yours. It’s absolutely delicious!